Jul. 12th, 2010

Yelp review for:
Grill 'Em Restaurant

2509 S Bascom Ave

Campbell, CA 95008
(408) 371-8729

My girlfriends invited me to use their groupon at Grill 'Em.
The inside is very dark, hot (because of the open grill) and very loud.
Even though we had to make a reservation and sat down right away, we had to wait about 30 minutes to order. An hour and twenty minutes after sitting down, we finally got our food.

Our Korean BBQ spareribs were cold and gelatinous. The calamari was not bad tasting, but was cold. Also, it had not been adequately drained after frying and was sitting in a layer of cold grease.
The potato skins were decent and hot.
Considering the price ($7-10), the appetizers were surprisingly small.

Bex's hamburger was tepid and she said it tasted chalky.

We were so hungry we started shoveling the food in even though it was cold, but almost immediately became nauseous.

Though the food was abysmal, the hostess was super nice and took my spareribs and calamari off out bill and offered to comp desserts for us. (As I was so nauseous, I didn't take her up on it!)

This restaurant's gimmick is an open grill where you have to cook your own steak. It is not optional, you must cook your own steak.
For that price, I don't want to have to stand at a hot grill and cook my own food. If I wanted to do that, I'd cook at home, and it would be cheaper with better service!

If you want awesome BBQ, go to Sam's up the street. Way better, half the price and the service is lightening fast!



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