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So, on an Ambien binged very late night shopping spree, I bought a crap ton of "sterling silver" bangles on eBay.
As much as I hate buying anything from the Chinese (lead anyone?) several of the sellers were in Hong Kong or Shen Zen (which smells of urine, I know, I could not wash it off my sandals for love or money.)

I have received two of the bangles already.
One is obviously not sterling silver, and the other is probably also a fake.

I left feedback saying that the obviously fake item was not even close to sterling silver, but you get what you pay for.
Pretty much verbatim.

The seller is totes frantic.
S/he refunded all of my money, god bless h/er.
All 4.99$ worth. (Hey, you get what you pay for!)
 But s/he wants me to get rid of my negative feedback.

My impulse is that they can kiss my ass.
Had anyone had the huevos to actually leave that feedback before, I would not have bought the item, even under the influence of semi-hallucinogenic sleeping pills.

It says all over their item profile that THE BUYER IS NOT TO LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!!
Well yeah, they are selling crap as sterling!

So, ignore them and draw a line in the virtual intarwebs sand?
Take the money and buckle to social pressure to make people happy to re-affirm my self worth?
Take the money and still leave negative feedback? (Boo favours that one, lolz)

What would you do?

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